Medical Marijuana – Chaz’s Story

TinctureBelle has been a provider to Colorado’s medical marijuana industry for over 6 years.  We believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of cannabis when it comes to some medical situations.  If we didn’t we probably wouldn’t be in this business.

We’ve heard from countless customers about the benefits of our edibles, rubs, and lotions.  So we know that we are helping people every day.  But we’ve got another reason why we believe so strongly in the benefits of medical marijuana.  Chaz.

Chaz has an incredibly rare disorder that he’s lived with for years.  Myoclonus Diaphragmatic Flutter.  Basically, think of your worst case of hiccups ever.  Now have that go through your body often without any relief.  Long attacks that very little could help with.  Chaz was regularly hospitalized, and day to day life was far away from normal.  With so many prescriptions taken on a regular basis, Chaz’s quality of life wasn’t what you’d want for a young man.

Sanjay Gupta (of CNN) interviewed Chaz regarding his illnes not long ago.  And the visit helped reshape the CNN Medical correspondent’s view of medical marijuana.  More than 16 medications per day, or mild use of medical marijuana?

The bottom line?  Chaz can actually work and live closer to normal thanks to the benefits of medical marijuana.

Chaz, who works with TinctureBelle, is your typical guy at work.  Cracking jokes, working with other employees on our latest batch of products.  And we’re thrilled to have him on our team.  We’re also thrilled to know that the work we do at TinctureBelle is changing lives for the better.

Medical Marijuana user Chaz holding up an Apple ChazBerry Tincture created by TinctureBelle

Chaz holding up an Apple ChazBerry Tincture created by TinctureBelle


Chaz’s story starts around minute 12 in the video below.