NO Addatives or Fillers...
  Just GOOD Medicine!!
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What does TinctureBelle Have for you?

​   Our quality line up consists of;  
   XXX Strength Flavored Hash tincture, 
Medicated Pain Rubs, & A Spa Essentials Line of Lotions, Soaps, and Bubble Bath! 

Also Available a full line of  ​quality high potency edibles!​                  
Medicated Hemp Soaps and
​Bubble Bath: 
​Relief from Eczema, Psoriasis, dry skin and shaving irritations! 

Spa Essentials Medicated Hemp Lotions
Sandalwood Vanilla-Cucumber Melon and  Nag Champa 
Available in 2oz and 4 oz Sizes
Infuse Yourself!
In one of TinctureBelle's​​Beautiful Spa Packages

Each Spa Package Contains:
2 Oz Lotion, small Soap,
2oz Bubble Bath & 1 Pkg of 25mg Hashish Hempies!​​​

Available Scents: Cucumber Melon,
Nag Champa,  
Sandalwood Vanilla!
XXX Strength
Hash Oil Tinctures
Hash Berry &
Twisted Tangerine!
2gms of medicine!
Dropper included so its Easy to gauge your own dose!​​
Cucumber Melon, Nag Champa and Sandalwood/Vanilla
Available in Small and Large Sizes
NEW!! Tinc's Pixies!!
Indavidual Doses Of our xxx Hash Tincture available in all 4 Flavors!

Top Middle-Char Mayes Owner
Bottom Left- Kylie Epp Chef
Bottom Right- LeeAnn Bennett Topical ​​Curator
Meet the ladies of TinctureBelle!
TinctureBelle Tinctures are made with glycerine. Glycerine is a sugar substitute and tastes like honey. Diabetic safe and delicious, TinctureBelle Tinctures are helpful in a variety of issues from pain to headaches to insomnia! 
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Love our Tinctures?
​Or would you like to try it without the commitment of a whole bottle? Get a Pixie Sitix!
Our Pixie Stix our a perfectly packaged 150mg discreet stick of tincture! ​
Medicated Pain Rub!
TinctureBelles Pain Rub is a Superior Rub!
​Containing 9 Other herbs working​ with  the Cannabis for maximum relief of Arthritic Pain, Anti Inflamatory and of course muscle and joint pain Relief!
Available in a convienient pocket size
& 2oz Large size​ (Shown Here)
Available in Fine Dispensaries across the state of Colorado!
                         You MUST be a Colorado Resident 
                            ​and Red card holder to purchase
                                ​ TinctureBelle Products!

​TinctureBelle LLC is a wholesale Manufacturer and does NOT sell directly to patients. Please ask your favorite dispensary to carry TinctureBelle for you if they do not currently. If for any reason your dispensary will not carry TinctureBelle Feel free to contact us and we will get you to a Dispensary near you that does! ​