Colorado Dispensaries Selling TinctureBelle Recreational Marijuana Products

TinctureBelle offers cannabis products for both Recreational use as well as medicinal use.  And it wasn’t until we sat down and created this page that we realized just how many places in Colorado offer our products.  From the larger shops across the state to the small mom & pop dispensaries, we’re very well represented.

The number of Colorado dispensaries carrying us speaks volumes.  We started this business on the medical marijuana side of the fence.  And when we were allowed to start creating recreational marijuana products we found a whole new audience.  Bottom line, we produce some of the best edible and topical cannabis products out there.  If we didn’t, the orders wouldn’t keep coming in!

With over 70+ recreational dispensaries selling TinctureBelle candy bars, hard candies, rubs, tinctures, bath oils, soaps, and more, it should be pretty easy to find a store near you in Colorado.  The map on this page shows all of the retail outlets selling TinctureBelle.  Just click on one near you for directions, or visit our reseller pages for more information.


Colorado Dispensaries Selling Our Medical Marijuana Products

TinctureBelle got its start creating marijuana edibles for medical patients.  We started creating unique candy bars, hard candies, tinctures, oils, and more for individuals needing cannabis for medical issues.  And the candies we produce aren’t just good because they’ve got pot in them.  They stand on their own just fine!  Many customers have complimented us on the taste of our products.

For a long time people have suspected that medical marijuana has a place for many patients dealing with pain issues, arthritis, and other debilitating disorders.  And according to customers using our medical products, they’ve seen benefits.  We can’t make any medical claims, but we can relay what we’ve heard from customers who have found relief with our products.

Like our Recreational Resellers, we have a sizable list of Colorado dispensaries that sell our products.  Some sell both medical and recreational, and some only carry our medical products.  The map above lists all of our resellers.  When contacting the resellers be sure to ask about the medical side.