When you see TinctureBelle, you know you’re getting a high quality and potent product.

As of October 1st, 2016 all of TinctureBelle’s molded candies (i.e. candy bars, hard candies, etc..) are in compliance with the new labeling regulations requiring that all cannabis edibles be clearly marked as containing marijuana.  You will see that are candies and packaging clearly reflects that these regulations are followed and in compliance.

All of our Medical and Recreational products, from edibles to soap, are handmade in beautiful Colorado.  We invest not just our time and effort but our selves into every product we make.  TinctureBelle is proud to know we create quality products and medicine to help those in need of a different type of relief.

Our marijuana soap, tincture, lotion, and balms are made using our own TinctureBelle grown full flower buds so we know what’s going into our marijuana products.  All of our products are lab tested before being approved for sale.

Because TinctureBelle uses such high quality chocolate and THC Distillate Full spectrum CO2 extracted oil, there is NO cannabis flavor just smooth creamy chocolate and other high quality ingredients.

All of our cannabis infused chocolate bars(both Recreational and Medical) come packaged in small easily portable child resistant packaging.

Click on either Recreational Products or Medical Products to see TinctureBelle’s full line of products. Some labeling may change as the MED makes their changes. We comply with all of the rules and regulations set by the state of Colorado and the MED.

As always keep these and any other medication out of the reach of children.