Medical Marijuana Products

Medical Edibles

All of TinctureBelle’s cannabis chocolate bars, hard candy, and other edibles are made with non-BHO Hash Oil extracted from full flower buds grown by us.  Each treat is handmade by our Chef’s in our Pueblo, Colorado facility.  Every bar and hard candy are made to be easily divided into single doses.  Each is bagged in a child-proof pouch that is excellent for re-use.


Tincture & Hashots

Our tinctures and Hashots are produced with relief in mind.  Here at TinctureBelle, we’re all about medical marijuana being available in a variety of ways.  Where one person may like to smoke, others may prefer alternative ways of ingesting their medicine.  All of our medical products are made to be measured into doses.

Spa Essentials

Our Spa Essentials line has a medicated product for your unwanted aches, pains, and irritations.  If you’re in need of a Aches and pains reliever, you can pick up a tin or a jar of TinctureBelle’s Cannabis Ointment to pinpoint a specific area. Or if you’re looking for an anytime relief, grab our medicated lotion.  These Spa Essentials work beyond the dermis to get to the muscle.