Recreational Edibles

TinctureBelle’s Chef’s take pride in their craft, hand-making all of the confections at our Pueblo location. Using high grade chocolates and other ingredients, our marijuana edibles are infused with 100% CO2 Hash Oil. Yes, the taste of marijuana is present in all of our edibles. No, it’s not overwhelming. It complements the individual taste and flavors of each of our treats.

You can find a full list and description of all of our Cannabis Edibles here.


Recreational Topicals

TinctureBelle’s Bud Rub and Cannabis Ointment are incredible and effective anti-inflammatory and pain relieving topicals.  This rub contains, not only the pain relieving qualities of the cannabis plant, but it’s also infused with several other natural herbs.  We chose these herbs for their anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, soothing, and arthritic relief qualities.

Learn more about our Recreational Topicals here.