TinctureBelle’s Updated Marijuana Products Look

New labeling on our marijuana chocolates and edibles

As of October 1st of 2016 you’ll notice new labeling and markings on TinctureBelle’s Marijuana Chocolates and Edibles – This image is from our Tokin Toffee!

As of October 1st of 2016 the MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado) has some new requirements in effect.  Updates of labeling for marijuana infused products, and labeling on edible cannabis products have gotten a new look.  We’re happy to say we’re up to date with the new requirements for the state!

The next time you take a look at the new TinctureBelle marijuana chocolates and edibles you’ll see a THC symbol on each piece.  This is to ensure that anyone looking at one of our chocolates or other edibles know immediately that the edible is in fact infused with THC.

Given our time in the marijuana edibles business we’ve always happily complied with the rules and regulations set forth by the state of Colorado.  And we’re happy to do so in order to help ensure that people know when they’re consuming one of our infused edible recreational or medical treats.

We’ve always strived to deliver the best products to our customers.  We’re proud of our hand crafted marijuana chocolates and edibles, and we’re happy to stay ahead of regulatory requirements.  All of our products also come with child proof seals, clear markings about what our products are, and a full listing of what goes into our edibles, lotions, tinctures, and oils.  And if you’re visiting our website for the first time you’ll even note that we are up front about the fact that this site is for visitors 21 and older.

Marijuana infused chocolates and edibles from TinctureBelle

Our Cronic Dreamz Cannabis Edible – Labeled with the new THC symbol on every piece

So, the next time you visit your favorite recreational or medical marijuana dispensary to pick up a TinctureBelle product, take notice of the new THC labeling.  The same quality cannabis products you expect from us, with a few new labels on the packing and edibles themselves!

For more information about TinctureBelle products please feel free to read through our website.  And if you’re a retail marijuana location looking to carry our high quality hand crafted edibles, be sure to get in touch with us today!