Welcome to TinctureBelle’s New Website

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medical tincture, medical edibles, weed edibles, medical marijuana, thc candy, medical lotion, TincturebelleTinctureBelle has been around for a while now.  We’ve been serving the medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado for over 6 years.  And in that time we’ve been so busy that we never got around to getting our presence out there in a big way on the Internet.  But that is changing, and with this post we’re getting into the “modern age” with everyone else!

You could say we’ve been a little busy creating some of the best cannabis edibles, oils, and tinctures available anywhere!  And that would be true.  We’re always busy here at TinctureBelle.  With so many dispensaries in Colorado carrying our products, we’ve got a busy schedule.  But now we are adding to our online presence!

News from TinctureBelle

Our new website has a whole “news” section for fans and clients to keep up with the latest from TinctureBelle.  Visitors to this site are also welcome to subscribe to our news feed to stay up to date with us as well.  And we’re also getting out there on Social Media.

While we’ve been on Facebook for years, things will be getting even better.  If you’ve followed us on Facebook that’s great, and we thank you for keeping in touch with us.  But now, whenever we make any announcements they’ll come from this website, and they’ll be updated on Facebook as well.  Super convenient!

We’ve also added a TinctureBelle Instagram feed to the website.  For those who like following along with pictures on Instagram, you’ll definitely want to give us a follow!  Whenever we create a new cannabis edible, we’ll be posting a picture with some information, we promise!  And if you’re a fan of the TinctureBelle brand, make sure to use the hashtag #TinctureBelle to get involved with us!

Watch for new information, products, and news from us

So, be sure to bookmark TinctureBelle.net!  And scroll to the bottom of this page to signup for our News updates.  We promise there won’t be any spam or too many updates coming from the site.  But when we’ve got something important to share, you’ll find it here and in your Inbox if you’ve subscribed to the website.

Thanks for being a part of TinctureBelle’s story, and we’re glad to have you along for the next step in our business!